Aloha Pet Services (Sabrina) has been my “go to” for almost 10 years now for my oh-so-finicky cat. I never have to worry about being out of town because I know my girl will be well taken care of while I’m away. I can’t thank Aloha Pet Services enough and am so grateful for your kind and caring service. Greatly appreciated!

~ Rise Ciufia

Sabrina has been a huge help ever since she started walking Buster. She has been very mindful in dealing with him when he was injured and even when he is overly energetic.

I appreciate her flexibility with our schedules as my husband and I try to balance our own lives. Her prices are very reasonable and knowing we can count on her gives us piece of mind.

It is so nice to come home to a tired dog when you yourself are dog tired.


~ Bemanda

Wonderful pet sitter!
Sabrina has been such a godsend, pet sitting my three kitties. I have one indoor cat and two outdoor cats so care while I am gone can be a little complicated. Sabrina has been caring, flexible and fair since the day I met her! I feel completely comfortable leaving the cats with Sabrina in charge. I know that she loves animals and she is great with them. She is also just a cheerful, fun person to be around. I highly recommend her!

~ Rebecca L

I moved to California with my two dogs back in 2007, far from my family and old social network. I had roommates for a while, but when I started living alone the process of finding a way to care for my dogs when I traveled for work or vacation was always stressful…until I found Aloha! Sabrina has been a caring member of my extended family for nearly 4 years now. Hard to believe how I managed without her. Sadly, one of my dogs passed away, and she helped mourn him with a caring note and orchid which is still growing and blooming today. Although she is not a Vet officially, Sabrina has provided some of the best dog-care advise than any of my vets have. One thing is for sure, when I have to leave town, my dogs look forward to Sabrina’s visits. Leaving my dogs is stressful for both of us, but there is great peace of mind in having them in their home environment where they feel comfortable and safe. I owe a great deal of gratitude of Sabrina and value what she does for my pack!!

~ Brian, Ocoee, Cholla, & Deja, Oakland

Aloha Pet Services saves me from guilt! I travel very frequently for business and usually gone for almost a week. Knowing the love and care Sabrina offers, not to mention all the fun walks, hikes and time spent with Butterscotch let’s me leave Zoe for a week knowing she is well cared for and enjoys her ‘home away from home’ time. Zoe is so excited when Sabrina picks her up that it melts away any guilt. Sabrina’s flexibility with my schedule and always making a spot available for Zoe has made traveling so much easier.

~ Julie and Zoe from Oakland

Simply put, Fabulous!

Sabrina and Aloha Pet Services, what can I say? your level of commitment is unparalleled! I could fill pages about how wonderful Sabrina is and how well she takes care of my two cats. One cat is very elderly and the other has lymphoma. As an overly-concerned pet-parent I would only entrust them to Sabrina or just stay home! They are currently what I would consider high maintenance and Sabrina has been so helpful in so many ways by allowing me a little time to escape and caring for them so well, that they seem more relaxed when I come home than ever! And yes I have had pet emergencies and had to go to work that day and she came and took one to the vet for me. Another time when the subcutaneous fluids and I could not get get along and Sabrina came over last minute for a quick tutor lesson (bless her!)

Sabrina is well educated in the language of dog and cat whispering, she combines instinct and love with a very high skill level.

Aloha Pet Services is such a treasure to the community of San Leandro and to me personally, her clients are lucky to have her!

~ Donna, San Leandro

I appreciate the unquestionable reliability of your pet sitting service! I’ve called on you for many years, and have never come home to a mess or to an unhappy cat. I particularly appreciate the times you have cleaned up when one of my girls lost her lunch — that is going the extra mile, indeed. Mahalo nui loa, and good luck in all of your endeavors.

~ Barbara, Formerly of San Leandro

We have always been very pleased with the care and understanding that Sabrina has shown our boxer dog, Dozer. We never have to worry when he is with her. She lets the animals stay in the house as if they were her own and is very kind to all of them.

(In Loving Memory of Dozer)
~ Ray and Bette, Formerly of San Leandro

It is very comforting to know that Sabrina is “on the job” to visit and feed Jade and Rosie. They look forward to her coming. If Sabrina comes to the house for something when we are here the dogs are always very happy to see her and are disappointed that they can’t go with her when she leaves. I feel very confident in Sabrina’s ability to take complete care of “our girls”. She is very knowledgeable and dependable!

~ Carol, Jade and Rosie’s “mom”, San Leandro

Sabrina took care of us many times last year when our mom was away. We were so happy that we didn’t have to leave the safety and comfort and familiarity of our home in mom’s absence. We were always well fed, had fresh water every day and our litter box was always cleaned. And Sabrina even stayed to play with us for awhile! We made sure we were on our best behavior because Sabrina always left a little note, reporting on anything that was amiss in our owner’s absence. Thank you again Sabrina, and we wish you continued success with Aloha Pet Services!

~ Tucker and Bandito (Carolyn), San Leandro

I would like to take this opportunity to commend Sabrina, Dana and Aloha Pet Services for the extraordinary care given to my dearest friend, Bandi (my dog).

Aloha Pet Services has been a part of our life since it’s inception and since Bandi was 2 months old! The care Bandi receives from Sabrina and Aloha Pet Services is and has always been equal to the care she gets at home. She’s always thrilled to see Sabrina, Dana and friends whether it’s for a walk, an adventure or a slumber party.

I’ve observed Sabrina’s attention to detail and special needs of all the pet’s she cares for. This is a quality that is always important whether with my best friend or anyone else’s. Sabrina/Aloha Pet Services have also been accessible and available whenever we needed their help. This is another important and invaluable aspect of this wonderful business.

In summary, Aloha Pet Services is the finest pet care service I’ve used and I could not imagine having anyone else care for my most prized companion!

~ Carter, Oakland

We’ve left our dog Bella with other people before for overnight stays and every time we did, I always felt the need to call and check up on her. Now that Sabrina (Aloha Pet Services) takes care of her, I never feel the need to call; I’m confident Bella will be in great hands especially because Sabrina is certified in pet CPR. It’s even an extra perk that Dana is around as Bella enjoys her company!  We definitely recommend Sabrina to anyone in need of a pet sitter or caregiver.

~ Cat & Terrence,  Alameda

We are so glad we met Sabrina and that she is an important part of our lives. We have two large yellow Labradors and we are unable to walk them ourselves.  Sabrina is very dependable. She is flexible and willing to accommodate changes we may need in services.

What I love most about Sabrina and her service: The most important, top of the list for me, is the fact that she is reliable. She has NEVER failed to show up, and on time, for her scheduled walks.  She is enthusiastic and energetic. She is concerned and caring about our dogs.

The dogs are always very excited to see her and go for their walk. They are certainly in better physical condition. She moves them on out and they come hope panting.

Highly recommend her. Aloha, Sabrina, thank you.

~ Catherine, San Leandro

Amber and Chester just love when Sabrina comes to visit. They don’t seem to mind us being gone as much with her visiting. Amber wiggles all over because she remembers that Sabrina introduced her to greenies and Amber loves them. Chester immediately rolls onto his back and says “rub my belly.” It is nice to know we can have someone as trustworthy as Aloha Pet Services take care of our “children” when we are gone.

~ David, San Leandro

I had a dog that was recovering from cancer surgery and I did not feel comfortable leaving her home, unsupervised, with my other dog, while I went to work. I contacted Sabrina and was able to get one of her staff to stay with the dogs all day, and make sure my Mandy did not pull her stitches. I am very happy with the services.

I had also taken a pet first aid class, given by Aloha Pet Services, and was really amazed at all the things I learned. Everyone who owns a dog or cat, should take the time to educate themselves on animal first aid. Thanks Sabrina

~ Helen, Formerly of San Leandro

I just want to thank you again and let your future clients know that whenever we go on our ski trips or other getaways we enjoy it more knowing that our dogs and house are looked after by you. Thanks again.

~ Jeff and Lana, Jack and Haley, San Leandro

Aloha Pet Services are fabulous! My dogs love looking forward to seeing Sabrina Almazan when I am out of town.

~ Johan, Castro Valley

I feel very comfortable leaving my pets in the care of Aloha Pet Services. When I come home from a trip my dogs seem totally content, almost as if I hadn’t been gone very long after all.

~ Kim, Dutch and Pepper, Formerly San Lorenzo

Mid-day walks/hikes for our active Vizsla, Buddy, were a must. With Sabrina’s help we came home to a happy dog rather than a crazy dog. I have also been able to rest easy when leaving our baby with Sabrina for an overnight stay. Leaving him behind is hard but knowing he is in good hands make things easier.

~ Leigh & Jarrod, Castro Valley

Sabrina first met Hank & Suki 3 years ago. Sabrina is very accommodating with our schedules and needs, is prompt at returning calls and emails, and will go out of her way to make sure Hank & Suki are comfortable in her care. Since Sabrina came into our lives, Hank & Suki don’t miss us as much when we go away. That’s when you know she’s part of your family…

“We love you, Sabrina”!!!

~ Chris & Liezl, San Leandro

Sabrina has done our pet-sitting for two years now. Our dog really likes her. We are impressed with the rapport she has with animals, and also her willingness to help with things like the mail and papers.

~ Paul, Castro Valley

Sabrina is awesome! I travel often for work and because of her I can do it guilt-free. I always know that my kitty is in expertly trained and loving hands.

~ Lorna, Formerly of Oakland

Sabrina’s service is great!  I’ve even had some last minute pet sitting needs that she’s been able to fill. Our dog, Stag, loves Sabrina and I know he is happy and healthy while we’re away. I would recommend her to anyone.

~ Marsha, San Leandro

We’re really happy to have found Sabrina and Aloha Pet Services when we moved to the East Bay area. She has been our pet sitter for almost three years now and she always has time on her calendar for our cats.  Recently, we called on Sabrina last minute when our senior cat, Chloe, was suddenly passing away. I know Chloe really liked Sabrina and I’m glad she was able to visit Chloe when we couldn’t take days off from work. I would highly recommend Aloha Pet Services. Sabrina’s patience and professionalism are admirable and she really has compassion for all her clients.

~ Melanie, Joan, Sid and Chloe, Formerly Hayward

The most reassuring part of traveling is knowing that Aloha Pet Services is taking good care of my cat while I’m away from home. The icing on the cake is seeing the nicely stacked mail and a cheery note from Sabrina welcoming me home.

~ Melanie, Alamdea

When I say the name Sabrina, Betty’s tail starts to wag with excitement and happiness. Betty likes Sabrina. Betty loves Sabrina! When Sabrina arrives, Betty’s tail wags with anticipation and delight. I feel confident leaving Betty in the care of Aloha Pet Services.

~ Michael, Alameda

Sabrina has taken care of our cats (“our girls”) for over a year now. She is very attentive to our cats’ needs. Mikan has a bit of stranger anxiety, but she has grown to trust Sabrina because of Sabrina’s love and special treatment. Momo and Mikan receive great care when Sabrina is there for them. Sabrina always leaves a note detailing their behavior and feeding while we are gone. We have never had to worry about anything while away on vacation.

~ Patty and Rob, San Leandro

My dog, Peter always looks forward to hanging out with  Sabrina, Dana, and his buddies at Aloha Pet Services. He returns to me a happy, satisfied puppy — I am not really sure whether it’s because he had a great day or just excited to see me! In either case, I am truly pleased with the service Sabrina provides.

~ Randy, San Leandro

We are so happy with Sabrina’s Aloha Pet Services! Our dogs look forward to Sabrina’s visits. Sabrina has the perfect combination of professionalism, friendliness, and skill. We thank her for taking such great care of Zelda and Zoeie!

~ Shoshana, Formerly of Castro Valley

Sabrina Almazan is an excellent pet walker/sitter. We have used her services for almost two years and have always been pleased with her work.

Sabrina is very consistent, and persistent — a trait which many walkers/services do not possess. Sabrina really cares about our pets, follows instructions to the letter, and has been available for urgent needs when others have not. We recommend Sabrina to anyone who needs pet care services.

~ Emma, Jerry, Mom and kitties, San Leandro

Sabrina bathed and cared for my two old girls (dogs). One of my dogs in particular is very cranky and hyper alert. Sabrina not only got both dogs good and clean, but took great care to keep their anxiety down. (We know how much dogs want baths!) I totally trust Sabrina with my beloved pets and recommend her to care for even difficult pets.

~ Sylvia, Formerly of San Leandro

While we are living overseas and our beloved family pet remained in California. Jams lived with family friends, but Sabrina’s assistance in helping to keep our pet fit and  most of all happy, is beyond price! Sabrina is reliable, thoughtful, consistent and happy to be around dogs. Her ability to handle medical emergencies helps provide peace of mind, you never know what the little darlings will get into!

~ Terese, Castro Valley

Sabrina has always come through for Chloe the pug! We have known her for several years now.We have received her every effort to help out whether it be in Berkeley, Oakland or San Ramon. Thank you for being so loyal and dedicated… and putting us in touch with reliable and trustworthy petsitters. It has made the difference for quality of life for both Chloe and myself.

(In Loving Memory of Chloe)
~ Terry, Formerly of San Ramon

My wife and I travel quite a bit for work (and fun) and it has been a great relief knowing that Sabrina is around to take care of our dog and cat. Many times our travel is unexpected and last minute but Sabrina is usually there and accommodating. I can’t tell you enough what a stress relief it is knowing that she is there looking after the loved ones.

~ Thomas, Formerly of Oakland

I would definitely recommend Sabrina as a pet sitter. Sabrina gives the love and attention my dog Dauber needs. I used to worry when I went away, but not anymore. She leaves a written report on what  they did and how my dog was. If your pet likes other dogs, make sure she brings along Dana.

~ Brian, San Leandro

Our dogs come home tired from their stays with Sabrina at Aloha Pet Services. We know they are in the best hands and are having a great time on their excursions, while we are away. Not only are we on vacation so are our dogs!

~ Michelle & Jason, San Leandro

I’ve really learned to trust and depend on Sabrina at Aloha Pets. My dog “BooBoo” loves going to play with other dogs in the park and if I get busy at work or want to go on vacation I just call Sabrina. She comes  to the rescue.

~ Rick Gilbert, Formerly Oakland

We would like to thank you, Sabrina, and Aloha Pet Services for your professional and diligent efforts in caring for our family companion, Jazar. Throughout the course of our vacations and our “last minute” care needs, you continually conduct and represent yourself as a professional. The initiative and effort your company brings forth is a testament to the quality of services that you provide. Your dedication and love for animals are paramount. Aloha Services is definitely one of the best and we will continually call on you for all of Jazar’s needs.

~ Jacki and Launa, Castro Valley

Sabrina goes over and beyond the call of duty in taking care of my dog. Maya loves to play with Sabrina and her dog, Dana. Before I met Sabrina, I had never left Maya with someone who I didn’t know personally. I feel very comfortable leaving Maya with her; I know that Maya is well taken care of and loved as if she were one of Sabrina’s own pets.

~ Tracey, Oakland

Sabrina is very conscientious. She had an initial consultation with us to meet the family and while we were away, she maintained a daily journal on our animals’ activities, feedings, and any concerns that she had. She runs a great business with a personal touch.

~ Scott and Sandy, Formerly of Hayward

Finding Sabrina and Aloha Pet Services has been one of our greatest discoveries! She was our pet sitter for over a year and we knew that we could leave our cat, Charlie, in her care without having to worry. Sabrina loves animals and she has a special way with them which quickly earns their trust. Sabrina is efficient, thorough, and well-organized with her clients. She always left a report about Charlie’s activities, eating habits, and behavior as well as what he likes to play with when she comes over to feed and amuse him. She even showed us ways to play with our cat that we never thought of on our own! Taking trips were no longer the worry it used to be, we knew that we had Sabrina as a wonderful “auntie” to Charlie. Thank you for coming into our lives, Sabrina!

(In Loving Memory of Charlie)
~ Linda and Arnold, San Leandro

My husband and I both work about 60 hours a week; it is all we can do when we get home to make dinner and go to bed, forget walking my two little beloved angels, my dogs! That’s when I met Sabrina from Aloha Pet Services. She takes my two little girls, Bisha and Weezie, on weekly walks. They are very excited to see her each week and I know they get someone who is attentive and caring. When I leave for a weekend, I always get progress reports and I come back to healthy, happy doggies. This is not just a job for Sabrina, it is a true passion and I, my family, and my babies (the dogs) would be lost without her!

~ Kathy, San Lorenzo

I found that using Aloha Pet Services brought me peace of mind when I was away from my pet children. I felt secure in knowing that Sabrina was reliable and dependable and “the kids” were in good hands. Taking pictures and sending them to me by email was a special touch that satisfied my yearning for my pets while I was away. I would highly recommend using Aloha Pet Services if you want to feel secure in leaving your pets in good hands.

~ Sharon & Tom, San Leandro

Sabrina has been a blessing to our household. We trust her completely in our home, caring for our dog and cat (who are like children to us). We love her notes letting us know how her visits went, and the added touches. It’s so reassuring to have someone as responsible as Sabrina caring for our family members. Mahalo Sabrina!

~ The Gilberts, Alameda

What a joy it is to know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that your puppy will be taken care of like some one from “back home” (in Hawai`i) – like someone who’s family would do it… by someone who cares as much for your puppy as she does for her own…

That’s what life has been like for our dogs, and for us, since we first met Sabrina…and we know that Sabrina will care for Kolili like she’s her own. You can’t ask for much more than that from anyone.

Mahalo nui, Sabrina

~ Jo, Mary, Kolili and Ani, Castro Valley

Sabrina is the best!  Rumba loves her (I think more than he loves me!) and I can relax when he is with her, knowing that she takes such good care of him. She works extremely well with my animals and her knowledge of pet first aid and CPR makes me really comfortable leaving my animals in her care. I just wish Rumba were more excited to see me after he spends the day with Sabrina!

~ Melissa, Oakland

Sabrina has cared for Elliot for many years. Having a sporting breed and working full time is a challenge. Trusting someone with your dog’s well being is also difficult. Sabrina’s outings keep my dog happy and ease my mind that he’s well exercised and having fun on those days, I can’t get him out. Sabrina has also provided home-stays, holiday care, and vet emergencies for us. I trust her completely with Elliot and he speaks quite highly of her as well.

(In Loving Memory of Elliot)
~ Michelle, Oakland

My wife and I work crazy hours and, often, our schedules are subject to change with very little notice. We are always aware that this may have a heavy impact on our “high-maintenance” bassett hound named Bailey. However, we were very fortunate to have found the services of Sabrina and her Aloha Pet Services. She always goes the extra mile to help us out when our work has us running around the clock. She is very dependable and really goes the extra distance to make us feel at ease with our dog’s needs. She even goes as far as leaving updates on our Bailey if she feels anything was out of the ordinary with her. It adds comfort of mind to know she is watching over our little one.

(In Loving Memory of Bailey)
~ Doug and Michelle, Formerly of Leandro

Knowing that Sabrina is looking after my BIG DOG during the day while I’m at work, or when I’m away on business lets me be stress-free. My animals are in the best hands possible, when I can’t be with them. Sabrina is a lifesaver!

~ Jann & Prentice, Formerly of San Leandro