Pet Sitting Home Visit

Home Visit Cat FreddyThe following are pet sitting, dog walking and other professional pet care services that Aloha Pet Services will be happy to help you with. We will work together to customize a pet sitting or dog walking program perfect for your family and your pets. Our routine will address your pets’ needs and will work with your family’s budget, comfort level and schedule. I am dedicated to helping you before, during and after any vacation or emergency trip so you can have peace of mind when you say ‘good-bye’ to your pets…

  • Pet Sitting Home Visits
  • Puppy Potty Break
  • Pet Chauffer (Pet Taxi)
  • Dog & Cat Grooming
  • Dog Day Care
  • Dog Boarding


Pet Sitting Home Visits

Home Visits for your cat, dog and/or other pets (once, twice or three times a day)

Pet Care Services Included:

  • In-Home Comfort
  • Daily Feedings
  • Water Refresh
  • Medication/Vitamin Supplements
  • Brushing and Clean up
  • Companionship/Play
  • Walking and/or Exercise
  • Clean Litter Box/Bird Cages
  • Training Reinforcement

What are the advantages of using Aloha Pet Services Home Visits?

Aloha Pet Services offers convenience and peace of mind. Home Visits are perfect during business travel, weekend getaways and vacation. Home Visits are also great if you just need help with your busy work schedule. Your pets will experience less trauma and stress. They will be happy in their own home environment and appreciate having a fun loving surrogate mom. They will also be showered with tender loving care, daily play and companionship. With regular Home Visits we can keep your pets on their normal routine and comfortable in familiar surroundings. Also, special home care services and security measures are included with my Home Visits.

What Home Care Services are included with Aloha Pet Services Home Visits?

Aloha Pet Services will handle miscellaneous home care and security measures around your home. At the same time, your pets will be under great care and an attentive eye is kept on your home. Your home will continue to have regular activity, which will keep your home from being a prime target for potential crime. This is one less thing for you to worry about while you are away.

  • Mail/Newspaper Retrieval
  • Lights/Curtain Adjustments
  • Garbage Bins Curbed
  • House Plant Watering
  • Minor Accident Clean up
  • Other Home Security Measures